Sil Kingma

Sil Kingma is associated with Cordemeyer & Slager / Advocaten as of counsel. Sil Kingma is an experienced privacy and IT lawyer with in-depth knowledge of privacy law, intellectual property law (including copyright law) and commercial contract law. Sil has headed the Enforcement Department of the Dutch Data Protection Authority and is, therefore, familiar with the policies and practices of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Besides negotiating IT contracts, he regularly litigates about automation disputes and failed software projects. Clients also know where to find him for media law related matters. These cases often revolve around the boundary between freedom of speech and unlawful publications.

His article “The clash between IP and privacy rights” in the trade journal Privacy & Information, caused quite some commotion. Following his statement that the expiry date of the  “Lycos-Pessers doctrine” has passed, he is considered a pioneer in both IP law and privacy law.  Sil is quite regularly invited by universities and universities of applied sciences to lecture on these subjects.