Bob Cordemeyer

Bob Cordemeyer, the founder of Cordemeyer & Slager / Advocaten has broad experience as an IT lawyer. He advises and assists clients in all kinds of complex national and cross-border IT contracts.

Bob is an experienced litigator in IT disputes on failed IT projects and has a considerable track record for amicable settlement of disputes through negotiation or mediation. He is associated with the SGOA (Foundation for the Resolution of ICT Disputes. as a mediator and arbitrator.

Bob also specializes in privacy law, advising large midsize companies, e.g. health organizations, on personal data processing. Bob represents the Netherlands in INPLP (International Network of Privacy Law Professionals) and has access to and is active in a global network of privacy specialists.

Bob graduated in private law at Utrecht University. Before setting up Cordemeyer & Slager / Advocaten, he worked as an attorney-at-law for Nauta Van Haersolte – now Nauta – at its Amsterdam office. He then continued his career at AMRO Bank, where he successfully completed the general banking course for academics.

Bob is a member of VIRA (Netherlands Association of Information Technology Lawyers), of NVvIR (Netherlands Association for Information Technology and Law) and the international network ITechlaw. He also represents the law firm in the international network IGAL (International Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers) and the international privacy network INPLP.

Bob Cordemeyer has entered the following areas of law in the register of legal areas kept by the Netherlands Bar Association: privacy law and information law (IT law). For this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points, each calendar year, for each of the registered legal areas, all of this in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.