IT law

IT law is a catch-all term that covers more than one legal field and subject, such as intellectual property law, privacy, contract law with respect to IT projects, procurement law and legal proceedings concerning IT projects. Our IT law team is more specifically specialized in IT contracts and litigation in failed IT projects.

Amongst others:

  • Contracts
  • Disputes
  • Tendering
  • Intellectual property
  • Outsourcing
  • Privacy

Our lawyers IT law

Case – IT conflict


  • Overview
    • All facts and circumstances, in chronological order
    • Commercial and financial interests, setting
    • Contractual arrangements and legal position, cross-border issues
    • Availability of client’s employees involved and of possible auxiliary persons
  • Investigation
    • Possible causes of the conflict
    • Fall-back possibilities and dependences (technical or organizational, deadlines)
    • Consequences of termination (exit arrangements, alternative products, involving third parties to finish the project, obligation to issue a call for new tenders, etc.)
  • Actions
    • Possible actions to safeguard legal position
    • Mapping out the case and securing evidence
    • Engaging expert(s)
    • Establishing: can we continue?
    • Setting objectives and strategy together with the client
    • Taking charge in dealing with the case
  • Searching for solutions
    • Investigating the possibilities for an amicable settlement, possibly with the help of a third party (conflict prevention or mediation)
    • Investigating the possibilities to reduce the dispute or to divide it in separate parts and deal with these in different ways
    • Making arrangements with the other party on steps to be taken subsequently
    • Negotiating a solution and settlement agreement
    • Conducting legal proceedings – if required
    • Assisting in legal proceedings (arbitration or in court or in appeal) if the case is not settled