Serving our clients well, by taking a constructive approach based on a multidisciplinary strategy is what we stand for. Our quality and service level are at the basis of value creation for our clients.

We keep improving ourselves and we are open to changes. We participate in various expert associations and as LawyersforIT we carefully listen to our clients. We change along with the IT sector and strive to be the first to implement the changes. Where possible, we try to identify the changes before they actually occur. For us, creating value is a result of our focus on the contents and of our thinking in practical solutions. As a niche law firm we are free to switch and adjust quickly. We aim at long-term relations with our clients and with each other as a team. We have done so since 1985.

Apple commercial

There is a lot in the world and the market that inspires us.

An example is the Apple commercial Computer of 59 seconds in 1984: absolutely brilliant in daring and non-conformism. The irony of the commercial’s message, Apple and privacy, has a special meaning these days.

Digital age – end of Lawyers?

Another example is the question that Richard Susskind asks about the future of the legal profession. That particular question is an incentive for us to keep looking for innovations in our area of expertise.

Golden Circle

Simon Sinek’s story on the Golden Circle makes us think about what we are actually doing.