The Data Breach Report and the Joint Controllership Report

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During the annual EuroCloud Europe CPC (Cloud Privacy Check) conference November 18, 2018 in Vienna, the 30 members (Cordemeyer & Slager is representing the Netherlands) decided to publish two documents, The Data Breach Report and the Joint Controllership Report. These reports present key findings and recommendations concerning data breach-related obligations and the joint controllership concept within the EU/EEA resulting from a comparative survey conducted by the CPC members.

The CPC Network was founded by EuroCloud Europe in 2015 and is a trusted, not-for-profit international network of qualified legal professionals from 30 European countries. CPCs mission is to provide authoritative views, information and practical solutions to two principal stakeholders: industry professionals and public authorities. This is done through collective know-how, research and market analysis gained from pan-European industry activity, collaboration and experience.

Hereunder you will find the Data Breach Report and the Joint Controllership Report.

Bob Cordemeyer

EuroCloud Europe CPC report on data breach

EuroCloud Europe CPC report on joint controllership

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