Hanneke Slager provides courses in Paramaribo, Suriname

 In IT & Internet

During the first week of July Hanneke Slager will travel to Paramaribo, Suriname. At the invitation of the Foundation Legal Cooperation Suriname Netherlands (SJSSN) she will give courses in B2B contract assessment and negotiation.

On July 6, at the invitation of the ICT Association Suriname (ICT-AS) and SJSSN she will give a lecture about legal aspects of IT contracts for the members of the ICT-AS and other people who are interested; different type of IT contracts, legal explanation, relevant issues like definitions, warranties, liabilities, what can go wrong, how to prevent or remedy, applicable law,dispute resolution etc. The ICT-AS is a trade organisation for ICT companies. SJSSN was established in 1989 in Suriname and is an independant institute for documentation and education which develops courses and professional training forlawyers.

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