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Yet again start ups get coverage from the Dutch Financial Times. Today OfficeRank and AppMachine are in the picture.


Start up OfficeRank wishes to introduce transparent, objective and independent information in the world of commercial real estate. The company collects information regarding pricing, valuations and rental void rates. The Dutch Financial Times writes that this start up causes quite some buzz in the world of commercial real estate as several real estate companies try to avoid that this information is shared. Please read the full article here (in dutch) or visit


AppMachine’s objective is to develop a new standard in order to create native apps. With its tool AppMachine’s customers do not need a software developer in order to create apps. Therefore the price for apps can be considerably lower according to AppMachine. They started developing their tool in 2011 and went live in 2013. Today the Dutch Financial Times published 40% of AppMachine’s shares were sold to Endurance International Group (a Nasdaq listed company) for € 14 million with an option for Endurance to purchase all the shares in the capital of AppMachine after four years. On the basis of price paid for 40% of the shares, the total value of AppMachine currently is € 35 million. Please read the full article here (in dutch) or visit

Source: Het Financieele Dagblad | Tuesday 24 Februari 2015

Start-up schudt ondoorzichtige vastgoedwereld op met databank FD 20150224

Amerikanen steken 14 mln in Fries IT-bedrijf AppMachine FD 20150224


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