Startup Delta presents an International Circle of Influencers

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Startup Delta presents an International Circle of Influencers

Source: Het Financieele Dagblad | Maandag 23 februari 2015

Startup Delta announced today in an interview in the Dutch Financial Times the introduction of an International Circle of Influencers. The International Circle of Influencers is a team of twenty renowned and experienced businesses and people who have a clear vision regarding entrepreneurship, such as the mayors of Amsterdam and Eindhoven. It has been formed with the aim to promote the Netherlands around the world and involve the international business community in the Dutch Startup Delta initiative.

The members of the International Circle of Influencers have a varied background and position and are people with a strong technological background such as Werner Vogels of Amazon and Paddy Cosgrave of F.ounders, an influential tech event, and a number of venture capitalists. The Dutch Financial Times cites member Robert Verwaayen of Keen Venture Partners that was founded in 2014 by Robert together with his father Ben Verwaayen (former CEO of British Telecom) and Alexander Ribbink (former COO of TomTom). Other members of the International Circle of Influencers include Ron Mobed (CEO of Elsevier), Feike Sijbesma (CEO of DSM), Peter Wennink (CEO of ASML) and Pieter van der Does (co-founder of Adyen).

The latter has a meeting with special envoy Neelie Kroes next week and is of the opinion that Dutch entrepreneurs lack ambition, because they focus on an exit too early instead of expanding their company globally. Neelie Kroes mentions in the interview that the Netherlands is too modest whilst it has a good reputation and its potential is enormous.

The International Circle of Influencers will meet twice a year and the members are envisaged to give their own contributions to the ecosystem of start ups. The first meeting is scheduled to take place in June this year.

Startup Delta director Sigrid Johannisse is currently forming a second network of fifteen bright young people who will challenge Startup Delta’s initiatives. According to the Dutch Financial Times she cannot mention names yet.

It is mentioned that Neelie Kroes sees the Netherlands as a start up hub in Europe, next to Berlin and London. The Factory in Berlin, a huge complex with a community of start ups and investors, is an example of what Neelie Kroes envisages. Neelie Kroes and Sigrid Johannisse are in a hurry. They will fulfill their position for 1.5 years and not a day longer. That way they put the pressure on and prevent bureaucracy with the aim to force a breakthrough in processes that currently do not run smoothly.

It can already be said that Startup Delta is stirring up the Dutch market with its energetic and international approach. We are keeping an eye on further developments. In any event the key note speech of Startup Delta board member Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau at the first NRC Live event will be one to watch. Check here the complete article.

Read here the article in PDF: FD 23 februari 2015

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