IGAL annual conference in Frankfurt 25- 29 September 2019

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Hanneke Slager elected board member of IGAL, the intercontinental network of accountants, lawyers and tax advisors.

IGAL annual conference in Frankfurt 25- 29 September 2019

From 25 – 29 of September 2019 IGAL held its Annual Conference in Frankfurt. It was a great success. 44 firms were present, representing 5 continents and 23 countries. The organizing firm Klaus & Partners had invited some excellent speakers who provided very interesting presentations (and training..) on holistic memory training (Mrs. Tanja Schader MBA), how the use of smart fitness trackers can help prevent heart diseases (Professor Thomas Wendt) and a case study on how blockchain can help prevent counterfeiting (Anthony Keats, IGAL member, USA). In the working groups members shared information on recent trends in tax issues (Claudia Pfeifer and Rigobert Walzer) and recent developments in privacy law (Brian Brokate and Bob Cordemeyer) and IT (Hanneke Slager). The afternoon was reserved for discussions on internal Strategy, supervised by Barbara Sourisseaux (Management Consultant).

During the Annual General Meeting 5 new board members were democratically elected and the board is now as follows: Katrien Serrien (President)(Belgium), Michael Djordjevich (Vice-President) (USA- Seattle) Brian Brokate (Secretary) (USA- New York), Frank Klaus (Treasurer) (Germany), Christian Li (Mauritius), Giovanni Babino (Italy), Aziz Ghiyati (Morocco), Hanneke Slager (The Netherlands), and Ivan Kanel (Indonesia). And of course there was plenty of time for networking during the social events. The conference was concluded with a gala dinner & dance in the Frankfurt opera house.

If you wish further info on the international business network of accountants, tax advisors and lawyers IGAL, please visit: www.igal-network.com.


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