Swiss IT Leadership Forum 2016

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Hanneke Slager will attend the Swiss IT Leadership Forum 2016 in Hotel Le Mas de Pierre, Saint-Paul de Vence as guest speaker. The convention will be held from June 5th till June 8th.

The title of her presentation: IT Conflict resolution: recommandations from a lawyers perspective.

‘Why is it that IT-conflicts are a ‘Lawyers Paradise’? That IT projects hardly ever smoothly reach the finish line seems to be a fact of life. Billions of Euro’s are wasted each year on failed or failing IT projects, legal proceedings take ages and hardly ever provide a solution: no wonder since court proceedings are merely aimed at reaching a decision on a legal dispute. Once a contract is signed, a new reality starts. What’s the purpose of drafting a contract? Most of the time liability clauses are subject to tough negotiations (“get in the lawyers”). Wouldn’t it be much better to prevent a dispute and to solve a problem, rather then fighting over a small part of the damages and losses? What alternative ways are available to prevent or solve an IT dispute? Let’s discuss how you can avoid calling your lawyer when the soup seems to be heading for the fan.’

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